Transfer designs from a Creative Fantasy Alphabet Card to the 2170 Machine
THEN use File Assistant to transfer the designs to the computer

There may be times when you will want to transfer some designs from your Pfaff
Creative Fantasy cards to the computer. When there are folders on the card you need to
transfer the designs FROM the card TO the Pfaff 2170/2144/2140 machine first, then use
File Assistant to transfer from the machine to the computer.

The images below were taken in the machine's Data Manager and will help you understand the process.

In Data Manager you see two fields. They are the "source" and
the"destination" and either field can be used as source and
destination. Notice that you have the sewing machine and two card
slots available in both fields and you just tap the one you want to work with.

In this tutorial, the top part of the screen is showing you the contents
of the sewing machine (this is your destination field) and the bottom
part of the screen is showing you the contents of Creative Fantasy
Card #4 (this is your source field).

Tap the first directory (see the DIR next to the filename)on the
card to highlight it. Tap the "foot pedal" icon to OPEN it
so you can get to the subdirectory. (Note: you can also tap okay or
tap the actual foot pedal)
Now,that directory is open you can view the main directory of
the card and another subdirectory.

If you want to go back to the previous window or main directory
(two small dots inside brackets) ust select it and tap the foot
pedal icon again and you will see all the subdirectories.
One more area to open to see and retrieve the designs. Again,
select that area and tap the foot pedal to open.
Now you can see that the "path" has changed showing the opened

One thing to always remember, when you are going to work back and
forth between a card and the machine, or between two cards, or
between two areas of the machine (copy/move/paste, etc.), you
need to have a source and a destination field. In this case
the source is the bottom field which is the Creative Card we inserted,
and the destination is the machine's main memory in the top field.
You need to have these fields selected BEFORE you do any transferring, etc.,

Select the "design" you want to copy.
Once you click on the "copy icon" another window opens for
you to select COPY. Rename and Move are not options
when working from a card. The card is "sort of" like a CD or DVD
in the fact you can't remove anything from it or rename anything on it.
In this next window you CAN rename the design because you
will be copying it to the machine's memory. If you don't want to do
this so just tap the OK.

You will get a message telling you to "Please Wait" and the
design (EMB) will be transferred.
In this image you can see that the design is now in the machine's memory.

Now you can connect your cable to the computer and the sewing machine.

Open File Assistant and navigate to where you want to save your card designs. For this
tutorial, we will be saving them in a folder in 4D Embroidery in the "My Designs" folder.
You can create a folder for Pfaff Card Designs in My Documents or anywhere you want to
organize them.

On the left side of File Assistant (computer), navigate to your
"MyDesigns" folder. Select that folder with your left mouse button.

Click on computer in the top left menu bar, then select create new folder.

A window will open for you to type in the name of your folder.
Use only 8 characters for the filename.

Your new folder is displayed as a subfolder.

Now you need to select that subfolder BEFORE you transfer any designs
over to the computer so File Assistant will know WHERE they should go.

On the right side of File Assistant you will see the designs
you transferred to the machine memory. The extension for the
filename in the machine is .EMB. Select one or all of them
and click on the LEFT ARROW to transfer them to the folder you
created in your computer.

To select all designs, click on the top design, hold down the
SHIFT KEY, select last one to highlight all the designs in between.
To randomly select designs, click on one, hold down CONTROL KEY,
click on the other designs you want.

Once you have the designs selected then click on the LEFT ARROW
to start the transfer.

On the computer side of File Assistant you can view the designs
you transferred. Note the filename is now vp3.

Now, wasn't that easy? Use this same procedure for other Pfaff Creative Cards.
Not all cards have folders and sometimes you can transfer right from the card to the computer.

RIGHT-CLICK here to download and "save target as" to get this info in PDF format.

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