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Block 1a

Block 1b

Block 2a

Block 2b

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There are four (4) zipped files to download. Once I receive
your order, I will email you a link to download these 4 zipped files.

IMPORTANT: click on the correct version of your software when ordering the lessons.

Premier Plus Software - $17.00
6D Software - $17.00

See exactly how I created these four "Fun Blocks" so you can use these techniques for creating more blocks that are perfectly sized for embroidering in quilts, table runners, decorative pillow colors, etc.

Create the designs in the Embroidery module of the Software by splitting parts from two (2) built-in designs and editing them. All four (4) blocks were created in a similar way, using the Encore function and the Editing portion in the software. That's where the similarity ends.

The one-color designs will embroider in a totally different manner than the three-colored designs. The one-color design will start to embroider from the center moving toward the outside of the design with the shortest jump stitches as possible. The three-color design will embroider one color at a time beginning with the green, because the green stitches under the scroll/flower. The design will continue embroidering in a color sewing order that flows from one color to another.

The Modify Tab (P+) and the Editing Tab (6D) will be your friend when changing the order of the color stops and then creating the best color sewing order for the design.

There are a total of seven (7) video tutorials, approximately 2 hours and consists of (Splitting elements; creating Block 1a and Block 2a, color sorting Block 1b - 2 videos and Block 2b - 2 videos). Each block is accompanied by a PDF file (written addendum) with images.

Videos consist of this information:

(a) learning each tool that is used in these videos before we even get started on the lesson;
(b) how to split elements from original designs;
(c) how to use Encore for creating Lines and Circles for the same part of a design;
(d) editing an Encore rotated group for using Encore again for one design.
(d) quickly changing the order of the Color Stops; manually merging Color Stops; color sorting each grouped section for the best color sewing order
(e) know when to use Combine All and Combine Selected and when to use the different options for rotating a design.
(f) using the Modify Tab/Edit Tab to easily edit and line up your designs with hoop gridlines to create perfect square blocks and eliminate having to undo and redo

These are just some of what you will learn as I like to show you more than one way to use your software, so you can choose what works best for you.

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