Pfaff Creative Vision Machine - Precise Position Tutorial

(Even though these videos are done in the Pfaff Creative Vision Machine,
the same techniques apply in the newer/latest version Pfaff machines.
The screens and icons will be different in newer models.)

These video tutorials consists of several videos. I will be moving my camera
up-and-down & back-and-forth from the Precise Position machine
screen to the hoop where you will see me actually aligning the designs.

Each set of videos at the Pfaff Creative Vision embroidery machine is preceded by a
video consisting of digital images showing how to prepare the fabric and hoop for that
particular lesson. For instance, there is a set of videos using the "3-Heart design"
matching up one (1) point on the Precise Position screen with the already embroidered
design in the hoop. Before you start on the actual lesson you will review how to
prepare fabric and hoop for the embroidery. The same applies for the scallop border
design lesson aligning two (2) matching points, and the corner design lesson and the
Grand Dream Hoop lesson.

I've, also, included an "overview" video explaining each icon on the Precise
Position screen and how to use them. Then, the last video is titled the "Oops"video
because it is showing you how to use the Precise Position function when your fabric has
slipped out of the hoop or any situation where you've lost your place on your design.
I think we've all had an "Oops" situation.

The designs used in the videos are included with the lesson, at no extra cost, and you
can see them at the bottom of this page.

Whenever I create a tutorial for sale, I always include an "Introduction"
tutorial explaining what that particular tutorial is about. I've done
the same thing for these Precise Position video tutorials and I've also loaded
it here for you view by clicking on my logo image..

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Below are some screen shots of parts of the videos

Designs included with Video Tutorials

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