"Christmas in Cross Stitch"

The following Video Tutorials were originally a "Challenge" for my
CompuSew with Jan Yahoo Group. It was such a success that I decided to make it
available for anyone that owns the 5DTM Software (Suite/Pro).

The tutorials are done in the 5DTM CrossStitcher Module; 5DTM Embroidery Extra and 5DTMStitch Editor.
4DTM Software owners can also do these tutorials because the accompanying "PDF Addendum" files
will have screen shots showing the differences between the two programs.

Since this was a "Challenge," the videos were separated into four (4) parts (over four hours)
so the members could have a week to work on just one part. You will have that same ability and be able
to work at your own pace.

There is one () videos in Part One, three (3) videos in Part Two, two (2) videos in Part Three
and one (1)video in Part Four along with an Introduction Video explaining what you will be doing in the
software. Videos are in wmv format and can be view with the free Windows Media Player. The screens
can be resized to fit your monitor. PDF files accompanying each part are meant to be used as a
"Help" to the videos.

A Bonus Video Tutorial has been added. This Bonus Tutorial was not part of the original Challenge
for my Group, but I have added here as a special tutorial.

Click HERE to view PDF file with more information. Right-click to download.

$25.00(includes Shipping & Handling)
$27.00 (includes Shipping & Handling)

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The animated image, below, shows some of the blocks made in the original challenge.

The animated image, below, shows some of the Bonus blocks.

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Compusew with Jan
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