"Candle Mat Lessons" (video & written)

The Video Lessons are created in PREMIER+TM 2, PREMIER PlusTM and 6DTM Software Programs
You will be working in the Create Module (Premier programs) and the Design Creator (6D Program)
and in Embroidery Extra (all versions).

Click IMAGE to watch a YouTube Introduction Video.

There are two (2) zipped files to download for each version of the software,
- Part One, Video (working in the digitizing portion of the software, and
- Part Two, Video working in the main module, Embroidery Extra.

Also, included in the zipped files are PDF files:
- 1st is written Addendum instructions, with images, (six pages) to watch along with the video,
- 2nd is written instructions (with images) showing you how to embroidery your design at the
embroidery machine (three Pages).
- The center design (vp3 format) along with Copyright information are, also, included in the zipped files.

IMPORTANT: click on the correct version of your software when ordering the lessons.

PREMIER+TM 2 ($15.00)
PREMIER+TM ($15.00)
6DTM ($15.00)