"Sajou 602 Large Cross Stitch Alphabet" Software Lesson

(Even though video lesson was created in the 6DTM and 5DTM Cross Stitcher Program,
PREMIER +TM software owners can do this as well.
4DTM Software owners can do this tutorial, although they will have to use the
Edit Tab in 4D Embroidery to insert Tie-offs).

The CrossStitcher program has not changed that much; the tools have different looks
and new hoop sizes, but the software works the same in all versions (see image below).

The Tutorial consists of creating large (over 8" high) Sajou Alphabet letters from original charts. The Charts are free and will be given to you along with two PDF files (one for chart cross sizes and one with tutorial instructions) that accompanies the lesson.

There are four(4)videos in mp4 format (these are the actual lesson), and we will be going over all the tools you will be using and you will learn how to crop each alphabet chart in the CrossStitcher program. Once that's done, you will create the Cross Stitch Size for your large letter (over 8 inches high) and also learn how to change the settings for different sizes. The process is the same for each letter so we will work on a couple of the letters to get you comfortable with the process. You will be able to create the existing letters by yourself using the specific settings in the PDF file.

Creating the letter is just the 1st step. These are open charts which means there will be lots of jump stitches, but you will edit each letter so there are no jump stitches. The orginal charts only consists of 24 letters, so we will work on creating the two letters (letter "I" and "W") by editing existing letters. We will also split parts of existing letters to create "elements" to enhance your projects.

Once the letters are created in the Cross Stitcher program, the "working file" will be saved as a .krz file and the "embroidery design" will be saved as a .vp3 file. (Note: they can be saved later as a different format if desired.) The embroidery design will be opened in the Stitch Editor/Stitch Editor Plus program to check for tie-offs and to delete any trims (trims in Xstitch designs can cause stitches to pull out).

This alphabet will look great on a placemat, runner, pillow sham, quilt block, garment or Tote Bag (see images and alphabet below).

There are five (5) zipped files to download. Four are videos and the 5th has the Charts,
Chart Instructions and written instructions in PDF format. Once I receive your order
from PayPal, I will email you a link to download the zipped files.

Order Lesson - $19.95

The Images below are of a couple of projects made using two of the Sajou 602 Alphabet Letters

Elements created from different letters (not displayed in real size)

Here's a couple of multiple hooping ideas.

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