5DTM Software - Let's Learn a Tool videos

The 5DTM Software CD is an accumulation of short videos showing how to use
specific tools in the software. The "tools" were picked randomly from different parts
of the software.

The 5DTM modules in this set of videos are listed below.

5DTM Embroidery Extra
1. Working with Alignment Tools
2. Encore - Color Sorting
3. Encore - Shapes & Hoops
4. Creating Frames from Motifs
5DTM Organizer
1. Zip and Unzip files
2. Convert a design to a picture
1. Cropping a Cross Stitch Chart
2. Using the Multiply Tool

5DTM Stitch Editor & 5DTM Stitch Editor Plus
- Compare the Freehand Border
5DTM Stitch Editor
- External, Internal, Overlay "Borders"

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