"Precise Position" Tutorial
Pfaff creative 2170/44/40 Machine

These video tutorials consist of several videos in four
separate categories. Each category will show how to prepare your
fabric and hoop for embroidery and then you will watch as I work with
the designs in my creative 2170 machine at the machine screen and
at the hoop. I will be moving back and forth between my digital
camera on a tripod taking "screen shots" at the machine screen,
and my video camera for the hoop portion.

The four different subjects are:

1st. Aligning a design using one matching point in the creative Endless Hoop.

2nd. Aligning a design using two matching points in the creative Large Hoop.

3rd. Aligning four corner designs in the creative Rectangular Hoop.

4th. In the creative Grand Hoop you will actually see two different sets of tutorials.

One will be creating an ESQ file and embroidering the two sides of
the design that way, and the other tutorial will show you how you have more
control using Precise Position by "manually" embroidering each side.

The tutorial is over 2 hours and almost 2 Gigabytes of video on a DVD.
The designs used in the video will be included in the lesson on a separate CD.

There are some computer screen shots (below) of what the finished aligned
designs look like and of the designs, themselves, with design information.

$55.00 plus $5.00 S&H
$55.00 plus $7.00 S&H

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Precise Position using just "One Point" to line up design
in the Endless Hoop and "Two Points" in the 140 x 240 mm hoop.
(Either hoop can be used for both functions)

PP using One Point
(4 videos)

PP using Two Points
(7 videos)
One point short video Two points short video

Precise Position lining up "Corner" designs in 120 x120 mm hoop

(10 videos)
Corner short video

Precise Position for "Grand Hoop" designs.

ESQ & Manual
(14 total)
Grand Hoop short video

Designs included with lesson


These lesson DVD's were created with the latest technology. DVD drives
that are older (3 years or more) or "off-brands" may not have the updated
codecs that can read my DVD's. The DVD's can be run ONLY in a computer.
Yes, you can purchase a new DVD drive for a reasonable price, but please keep all
this in mind before purchasing my lessons that are on DVD's.

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