"Filet Cross Stitch Blocks & Designs"

The "Filet Cross Stitch" designs are very delicate looking with the 1.8 mm cross
size and look similar to Filet Crochet. The largest design is meant to be
embroidered in a 200 mm x 200 mm hoop (approximately 8" x 8"), so be sure you have a
hoop the correct size before ordering the designs.

The image below shows six of the 8" x 8" blocks. Check out the Design Specifications
to see more blocks as well as smaller designs, accents, and designs to use as borders
and narrower designs that could be placed on sashing for a block.
There are eighty (80) designs in all (40 with double thread and 40 with single thread) plus
a center basting stitch for placement help in the 200 x 200 mm hoop.

Designs need fabric and stabilizer. Usually, cross Stitch designs embroider best on heavier fabric
with a cut-away stabilizer, but I wanted a "quilt look" so used cotton fabric. I used different
stablizers when testing and found that water soluble stabilizer (Aqua Mesh and Vilene - fusible, too,
are two brands), worked best to help control the puckering between the small areas between the crosses.
I used the double thread designs for my projects and two layers of fusible Vilene because of the high
stitch count. Also, I starched my fabric before embroidering.

Click HERE for "Design Speculations"
for Single Threads (40 designs)and Double Threads (40 designs)

Designs are in the following formats:

Be sure to check sizes before ordering.

File Format Required

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The images below will show you pillows & a table runner
with a couple of the designs.

The "small elements" from the designs can be used on napkins corners, collars,
or on small projects like the Sachet below. Click on Sachet image below to see the
Sachet Designs which includes "Sachet Project" for sale on my website.

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