Below you will see a few images I took at the sewing machine while
embroidering my border design for the pillow. There are
20 more images with precise instructions on how to embroider
these border designs for perfect alignment. PDF file included in order.

This shows the 1st design (3-continuous)
embroidering at the machine.
This is a close-up of the end of the 1st design
which will be matched with the 2nd design (2-end)
This shows lining up the 1st stitch of the 2nd design
(2-end) with the alignment stitch of 1st design.
In this image, I just "advanced" through the
alignment stitches to the last one before
straightening the fabric and pressing it down onto the stabilizer.
The 2nd design is embroidering in this image and you can
see how well it lines up with the 1st continuous one.

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