Applique Letter Instructions

You need a base fabric for your project, stabilizer behind that, ONE piece of Applique Fabric, One piece of Fusible Web for each individual letter or group of letters.

FUSE the Fusible Web to the BACK OF APPLIQUE FABRIC (follow manufacturers instructions).

DO NOT remove the paper from the Fusible Web as it works as a stabilizer for the Outline Letters.
In this photo you see the Applique Fabric (fusible web on back) hooped.
In this photo you see the BACK of the hooped Applique Fabric and Fusible Web.
At the machine, load and call up the "Outline Letter" or combination of letters to be embroidered on the hooped Applique Fabric and Fusible Web.

You can combine several Outline Letters that will be using the same applique fabric in one hoop, either at the machine (4 letters in photo) or in your embroidery software.
Attach the hoop and embroider the letters (or combination of letters) with one color, preferably one that contrasts with the fabric.

Although you can't see the embroidery thread in this photo (it is red and there are four Outline Letters) it was significantly easy to see for trimming.
This is a photo of the finished Outline Letter Embroidery. Remove the hoop from the machine then the Applique Fabric from the hoop.

With sharp scissors, trim around each letter, as close as you can get, just outside of the stitching. When finished, remove the stitches AND the paper backing.
In this photo you see all the letters trimmed.

The "J" shows the back of the letter with the thread in the process of being removed.

The letter "A" has the fusible web paper removed.

The other letters still need to be done. Use sharp scissors for the trimming and tweezers to help (gently) remove the thread.
In your sewing software, print individual paper templates showing the vertical and horizontal center crosshatch lines.

Lay the templates on your base fabric arranging them in the order you want them embroidered.
Use a water soluble pen or chalk to put a mark on each vertical and horizontal line of template (photo sample is in red so you can see it).
Use a ruler and connect the lines. Put some kind of mark that desginates the TOP OF THE HOOP; especially helpful when creating a word with the letters going all different directions.
Hoop your fabric and stabilizer. If you are working on a large project and cannot hoop the base fabric, you need to hoop some kind of stabilizer that you can adhere to your base fabric. Either use a sticky-type stabilizer or a temporary spray adhesive and baste the base fabric to the stabilizer in the hoop at the machine.

Attach hoop and make sure that the needle is in the "center of the design" before you start to embroider.
Use the same color of thread for ALL your Color Stops. The Color Stops are there to make the embroidery machine STOP, not change thread.

Embroider Color Stop #1 (this is the placement for the Outline of the letter).
You will need to lay the letter on the placement lines. Now, this can be very difficult to hold while the machine is embroidering.

You can "lightly" spray temporary adhesive to the BACK of the Applique letter fabric (place the letter WRONG SIDE UP on a piece of computer paper and it will be easier to spray the fabric). DO NOT spray near the embroidery machine.

You can also use a Fabric Glue Stick instead.
Place the letter in the placement lines. You will need to remove the hoop from the machine to PRESS the applique to the base fabric. Lay the hoop on a HARD FLAT SURFACE and use a miniature iron. If you don't do this on a flat surface you take the chance of stretching your fabric in the hoop.

Now,embroider Color Stop #2. This will stitch the letter fabric in place.
Now embroider Color Stop #3. This will be the last color to embroider and will put in the underlay for the Satin Stitch border.

Notice that you do not have any fabric to trim away because you embroidered your applique fabric outlines at the machine beforehand.
This is a photo showing the Satin Stitch border in the progress of being embroidered.
The photo shows the finished embroidery. Continue with the rest of your letters. Have fun!

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