Alphabetical Coaster Instructions

These coasters are done entirely in the hoop. Right-click on this page and left-click on SELECT ALL.
Then click on EDIT/COPY in the top menu. Open a word processor program on your
computer; click on EDIT/PASTE. Click on FILE/SAVE AS and save the instructions in a folder where you have
your Applique Coaster designs saved.

Supply List for ONE Coaster

1. Two pieces of Vilene (or similar) water soluble stabilizer (large enough to hoop).
2. Medum-weight fabric (two pieces about 5 inches square, preshrunk).
3. Light-weight interfacing OR fusible Polymesh cut-away stabilizer.
4. 40 wt. embroidery thread (red, white and blue).
5. White bobbin thread (prewounds are fine).
6. IMPORTANT - you will need to wind a bobbin with the color thread you choose for the satin-stitch border.

Now, hoop two (2) pieces of water soluble stabilizer and gently pull until tight in the hoop.
Press a piece of light-weight interfacing OR a piece of fusible Polymesh cut-away stabilizer to the back of the two 5 inch squares of fabric.
Place ONE 5 inch square right side up on top of stabilizer. You can spray the back of this square with a temporary spray adhesive (like KK2000) first, or if you want to baste around the square you can use your machine's basting stitch OR the basting stitch that came with the designs. Keep in mind, you will need to remove the basting stitches before trimming the fabric around the coaster.
Thread needle with first color of designs (red). If you use a basting stitch, embroider that first. Then embroider Color Stop #1.
Change needle thread and continue with Color Stop #2 (middle circle design) white.
Continue with Color Stop #3 (use same color of thread). These are placement stitches for the bottom 5 inch square of fabric.
Remove the hoop from the machine. DO NOT REMOVE FABRIC. Turn hoop over and trim jump stitches from back of fabric.
Spray the 2nd 5 inch piece of fabric with temporary spray (KK2000) and place on the back of the fabric making sure it covers the placement stitches. Note: If you do not like to use the temporary spray then make your square larger and just slip under the bottom hoop.
Attach hoop (make sure bottom 5 inch square of fabric stays in position and doesn't get wrinkled) and embroider Color Stop #4. This will adhere bottom 5 inch square.

Remove the hoop from the machine, again, and trim the excess fabric from around the scallop. DO NOT CUT STABILIZER.
Turn the hoop over and trim the excess fabric from around scallop. Again, DO NOT CUT STABILIZER.
IMPORTANT - Change the BOBBIN thread to the same color you want to use for the scallop border (navy blue). Attach the hoop and embroider Color Stop #5 which will embroider the underlay first.
Then the satin-stitch scallop border will embroider (same color)
Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop. CAREFULLY trim the stabilizer from around the scallop border, trimming close but not close enough to cut the thread. Remember, this is water soluble stabilizer.
Don't soak the entire coaster; just use a small cloth, facial cotton round or a Q-tip and get it wet with warm water. Just run the cloth along the outside of the scallop to dissolve the stabilizer.

Your coaster is now ready to use.

DO NOT use a steam iron to press, because you have water soluble stabilizer inside the coaster, too. Then you will have to soak the coaster in warm water until all the stabilizer is removed.
Tip: Lightly spray the coaster with a fabric protector (like Scotchguard) before using.

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