"Convert Embroidery formats with Tajima Pulse Ambassador FREE Software"

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1. Open your Tajima Pulse Ambassador Software

2. Left-click on FILE (in the top menu).
3. Click on OPEN.
4. Click on the DOWN ARROW in the "Look In" area and
navigate to the folder where your designs are located.
5. If you can't see any files listed, click on the DOWN ARROW

next to FILES OF TYPE and scroll down and select ALL DESIGN FILES.

6. Now you should see your designs. Click on the design you

want to convert and you will see it in the FILE NAME area.

7. Once you have the design file displayed in the "File Name" area,
click OPEN.
8. The design will open in the work area.

9. Click on FILE, again.
10. Click on SAVE AS:
11. Click on the DOWN ARROW in the SAVE AS TYPE area
and select the format you want for your conversion (example: HUS).

12. Make sure you are in the correct destination folder (Save in: area).
Notice that the filename for your design has changed to the conversion format.
13. Now, click on SAVE. That's all there is to it!

Copyrighted 2006
Compusew with Jan
All Rights Reserved